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Boy, do we have something exciting for you!

Beginning September 14, 2014, there will be a whole new – Virginia-only! – game in town. It’s called $1,000,000 MONEY BALL. And, you guessed it: You could win a million dollars! You’ll choose 5 numbers from 1 through 35. If you match all 5 numbers you’ll win $100,000, but there’s an exciting twist that could turn that prize into a million dollars. To get in on the action, be sure to check it out at your local retailer. To make room for this Virginia-only game, we will retire our Win for Life game. The last drawing of Win for Life will be September 13, 2014.

  • If you currently have a subscription it will remain active through the last draw date shown on your confirmation card or through the September 13, 2014, drawing, whichever date comes first.
  • If you have draws remaining after the September 13, 2014, drawing you will receive a refund for those draws.
  • Your accumulated prize winnings will be paid by check and mailed separately during the week of September 22, 2014.

To show our appreciation and to get you excited about the new Virginia-only $1,000,000 MONEY BALL game, get ready for Money Ball Monday. Visit any Virginia Lottery retailer between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Monday, September 15, and you could have the chance to win a FREE $1,000,000 MONEY BALL ticket!

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